About Us

Hillside Farms is a California family-owned jerky treat manufacturer

As loving pet parents, we at Hillside Farms believe every member of the family- including our furry friends, deserve quality products that help keep them healthy and happy. For over a decade, we have kept true to this promise. Having sold over 600 million dog jerky treats in the US, we have successfully become one of the largest suppliers of premium dog treats in the world. In addition to the US market, we also distribute worldwide to Australia, Canada, EU, Japan and Korea, to name a few. In order to guarantee the highest quality in all our treats, every product undergoes thorough lab testing to ensure they are contaminant free and 100% safe. We also provide private label and customized formula development to companies large and small. Our wholesome dog treats are satisfying rewards made using only ethically and responsibly sourced premium ingredients that are sure to make tails wag with joy.

Our Mission

We firmly stand by the quality of treats we produce.

We believe our furry companions are an integral part of the family and rewarding them with healthy, wholesome, natural treats is what we strive to achieve. We are passionate about providing pet parents with healthy treat options- why would a pet parent provide anything less? We strive to source the highest quality ingredients, working only with suppliers that follow high standards of safety and ethics. Keeping the environment in mind, we have installed a water pre-treatment system in our facility that helps remove oils and solids as well as neutralize wastewater PH before being released to the city treatment plant. Our facility utilizes solar powered energy allowing us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint. We believe in being transparent about what goes into our products and are committed to being authentic in everything we do. We have never had a recall and we firmly stand by the quality of treats we produce.

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